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It was in the fine morning on 05.09.2006, Keralites were celebrating THIRUVONAM, which brings the sweet memories of, peace, harmony and happiness prevailed during the reign of the king, Mahabali; we started our inaugural function of our trust with the prayers and holy mass dedicated to the remembrance of our late members in the family. At about 9 a.m. arts and sports competions were conducted among the members. After the final event, Tug of War, all the members enjoyed the ONA SADYA at 1 p.m.

In the after noon at 4 p.m. the inaugural meeting of the trust was started and Mr. E.K.Louis master presided over the function. President, Mr.Joy Sebastian, delivered the welcome speech. Vicar of Kanjoor St. Mary’s Forane church, Rev.Fr. Thomas Puthussery, officially inaugurated the trust by lighting the Nilavilaku and delivered a speech giving thrust on the necessity of the services of such family trust not only among the family but among the society and the country as a whole. There were several art and cultural programmes in between the meeting and finally Rev. Fr. Vicar awarded the prizes to the winners in the art and sports competitions.  The meeting was disbursed at about 6 p.m. followed by dinner. All the members said good by with a decision to meet again next year with more colourful events



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Eternity, Fraternity and Fondness, Charity,  Team work