Our forefathers of 1st generation were engaged in agricultural activities to make both ends meet. They were not giving more importance to education. But our 2nd and 3rd generation understood the value of education. Most of our 2nd generation has got primary and High school level education and they had engaged in small and big business ventures. Our forefather, Kurian was an abkari contractor in partnership with Joseph E.M. who was the cousin brother of Kurian.

Our forefather Steephen was an Estate Manager and Kochouseph was also engaged in abkari business. With the 3rd generation on wards the people were going for college level education.

Our Louis master was the first-degree holder in our family and Dr. E.K.Varghese was the first doctor in our family as well as in our village Kanjoor.

We had a nun, Sr. Moureena, who was the 5th child named Mariamma, of Kurian and Kunjariam couples. With the 4th and 5th generation there are plenty of graduates, postgraduates, teachers, Bank officers, Engineers, Nurses and Doctors in our families.

We have an aspirant too in the spiritual field. Bro. Ronald, son of Mr.Josy E.V is that would be and the first priest in our whole Edassery families.

We can also proud of having two nuns, Sr. Geethu and Sr. Sangeetha, the only daughters of our member and joint secretary Valsa Tomy


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Eternity, Fraternity and Fondness, Charity,  Team work