Iype was born as the second son of Mrs. and Mr. Maani Edassery at  Kanjoor in 18th century. In ancient days the facilities for education was very rare. Hence he has done only his primary education in Kanjoor School and started the agricultural activities as his livelihood. He got married Smt. Ittiyanam, from Payyappilly family at Kanjoor itself. They were blessed with six children, three boys and three girls. They are Rosamma, Kurian(Eerath), Kathreena, Stephen, Annamma and Kochouseph



The first generation of Edassery family is originated from the four brothers, Mani, Iype, Kunjavara and Devassy. We are the members of Iype family generation. So we consider Iype and Ittiyanam as our fore fathers. These couples had six children, three sisters and three brothers, Rosamma, Kurian, Kathreena, Steephen, Aannamma and Kochouseph. Now the families exist in Kanjoor are the families of the children and grand children of Kurian, Stephen and Kochouseph.

The II nd Generation

Rosamma was married to Paily from Kollamamparambil family, Aluva. The second son, Mr. Kurian called as Earath, who was engaged in abkari business and agricultural activities, married to Kunjariam, said to be the beauty queen of Kanjoor, from Kanjirathinkal family at Kanjoor itself. The third one was a girl, Kathreena, married to Mr.Mathai from Kachappilly family at Chambannur, near Angamaly.The fourth one was a boy, named Stephen, who was the Estate manager of Rosary Estate, Nelliyampathy, married to Annamkutty from Manjooran family at Chunamgamvely.

The fifth one was a girl, named Annamma, who was married to Kunjuvasreed, from Veliyath family at Koratty. And the last one was a boy, named Kochouseph, who was engaged in the abkari business of E.J.Joseph, Edassery at Kanjoor and 1st married to  Annamkutty , from Anathazhathu family at N.Parur,who was died and second marriage was to Annamma from family, at Vallam

1st and 2nd Generations

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